​Our commitment

Posted by Suntegrity on Jun 5th 2020

At Suntegrity, we have always been focused on protecting your skin. Now more than ever we stand by that. Not only do we want to continue making products that protect your skin from the damaging effects of the sun, we also want to support people with skin of every color.

The deaths of George Floyd and the countless others like him are unacceptable. We are greatly saddened by these senseless acts of violence and the amount of discrimination that continues to exist for our friends and neighbors. We firmly believe that human rights are equal rights. We want to extend our love and compassion to all of those who have suffered in recent days as well as those who have been suffering, unseen, for far too long.

We have offered our silence over the past week to take a step back and listen, to honor the voices of those who so loudly need to be heard, and to educate ourselves on how to effectively be part of the solution that puts an end to racism and injustice. We are committed to operating with love, compassion, understanding and respect. Most importantly, we are committed to be an agent for positive change. 

Steps we are committed to taking:

  1. Having heartfelt conversations with our staff and community about the impact of race
  2. Continually listening to the conversation and educating ourselves
  3. Developing a campaign to donate a percentage of our website sales to The Loveland Foundation, (more details to come)
  4. Researching Sponsorship opportunities with the Skin of Color Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting awareness of and excellence within the area of special interest of dermatology for skin of color.
  5. Working with our labs to see if they would be willing to lower their order minimums such that we could expand our product shade offerings.

If you have any suggestions, we'd love to hear your thoughts. Please email us at