Save My Face! La Petite Anti-Wrinkle Pillowette (White Color/Satin Case)

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THIS PRODUCT IS MANUFACTURED BY Save My Face, Inc. All questions/concerns about this product's use should be directed to their customer service at 877-786-9322. The information below is directly from their website.

"Save My Face!" Pillow is the original anti-wrinkle pillowette and the first and only FDA registered face saving pillow.

  • The trademarked double crescent design elevates your face and prevents "pillow face," morning wrinkles and eye puffiness.
  • Stops night time creams from rubbing off.
  • Reduces sinus compression and improves breathing.
  • Minimizes allergies with it's special hypo-allergenic filling.
  • Includes removable custom pillowette case.

Includes: La Petite Pillow Body with a removable Lightweight Satin Finish, Custom Pillowcase sealed with a YKK Invisible Zipper. Packaged in a clear phthalate-free vinyl travel bag with instruction card insert. 

All pillows are wrapped in 100% cotton fabric and filled with an exclusive synthetic proprietary fiber that is hypo-allergenic with NO flame retardants or chemicals and can be machine washed and dried as often as you like.

How to use:

Place pillowette on top of your own pillow. Position your ear at the center of the pillowette's crescent. Your forehead should be supported by the top of the crescent and your chin should be supported by the bottom of the crescent. Your head should be supported so that your face is suspended in air and elevated from contact with the sleeping surface. Proper use of the Le Petite pillowette is pictured in the product images above.

Care Instructions:

For easy cleaning, unzip the invisible zipper and remove case from pillowette body. Machine wash and tumble dry the pillowette body and case separately. Use gentle cycles.