I love my Suntegrity 5 in 1 tinted sunscreen. I have the medium tint which is great! It's a bit warmer/darker than my actual skin tone, but I like that, especially in the chilly winter in NYC :-) Thank you for making such a lovely product.

Carla Gugino Actress

I'm a makeup artist in the film and TV industry and I absolutely love Suntegrity! I only use natural products and Suntegrity is by far my favorite mineral sunscreen. It's not everyday I run across exceptional products, but Suntegrity is definitely one of them. In fact, I used the Face Sunscreen & Primer on Zooey Deschanel in the movie Driftless Area and I regularly use the Tinted Sunscreens on Jennie Garth, Carla Gugino and many other stars. They all seem to love the products as much as I do."

Dana Hamel Makeup Artist

I wear Suntegrity's Medium Tint religiously! Not only does it protect me from the sun, it acts as a the perfect foundation. I feel safe putting it on my skin because of the natural ingredients in it.

Anita Kopacz Editor-in-Chief, Heart & Soul Magazine

After trying out the Suntegrity sunscreens personally, I’m obsessed with this stuff. I had to wrestle it out of the art department after they were done shooting it for our July issue! I took it to Peru with me and wore it every day while hiking in altitude. It was awesome and I most definitely did not get burnt. I’ve been telling everyone that will listen about your stuff. My husband and his best friend are also fans because it smells so good.

Melissa MacGillivray Beauty Editor, Make-Up Artist magazine - Education Director, IMATS

I was at IECSC in Las Vegas and received a sample of the 5 in 1 Face Sunscreen in Medium. I love it!!! It's one of my favorite products. The tiny tube has lasted a long time. I use it nearly every day. That's no small comment. I've tried hundreds of products (no kidding) since 1997 when my spa career began and these days I don't fall in love with products very easily.

Christi Cano Spa Consultant, Innovative Spa Productions

My patients love Suntegrity sunscreen, even those with the most sensitive skin who say they never can find a sunscreen that doesn’t cause breakouts. Patients with skin conditions such as eczema and lupus are reporting less redness and dryness. I also use Suntegrity sunscreen and love how it evens out my complexion and is a great primer under makeup. All of this in a non-toxic sunscreen...way to go!

Dr. Carolyn Humphreys Encinitas, California

Thanks so much for the Suntegrity face sunscreen sample. I always like to try a new product several times before making a final decision. It's not only important that the product agree with my skin, but also how it wears underneath foundation and over my skincare. I am generally a harsh critic, and my opinion regarding the product has been very positive. It offers wonderful protection, applies very nicely, does not leave a white cast, has wonderful and safe

ingredients, is not greasy, is not drying like so many zinc oxide based sunscreens that I have tried, wears well underneath my foundation, and has an uplifting scent that does not linger. Overall, I am happy to report that it has not caused any breakouts or adverse effects, and it is a pleasure to use. Thank you for making such a wonderful product line.

Sally Bialecki Madison, Wisconsin

I just wanted to let you know that I spent all weekend out on the soccer fields. Sunny and in the 90’s both days. I used your sunscreen and did not burn at all. It’s an excellent product and smells wonderful, too!

Cindy Smith Little Rock, Arizona

I am an esthetician in Studio City and I rent a facial room in the very popular salon, Eddy James Salon. I recently purchased your product and I just received it. I put in on the whole family and no one is having a reaction! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am allergic to everything and have been wearing an SPF hat for the past few years because all the sunscreens break me out. This is a fabulous product I'd like to share with my clients. I haven’t retailed any sunscreen until now, because I haven't liked anything in all these years!

Tina Jayes Esthetician, Eddy James Salon - Studio City, California

Thank you so much for the quick delivery. I was able to start using the sample on Monday. I love it. I really love it. I was quite surprised because my skin is so tempermental and seems to react to any sunscreen even physical. The ingredient list is lovely and it doesn't add any weight to my regular skincare regimen, nor does it take away hydration or make me dry. I was also surprised at how beautifully it absorbs. It left no white cast at all when rubbed in, and doesn’t have the blue/violet sheen normally attributed to physical sunscreens.

Christen Caudillo Hacienda Heights, California

I have been using your face care product for two weeks now. I love that everything about your moisturizing sunscreen is good for my face! Thank you. My acne prone skin has been better than ever since I started using Suntegrity. I am 44 and have battled acne most of my life. Needless to say, this benefit is a pleasant surprise. Thank you again for all that you are doing.

Holly S. Los Angeles, California

I absolutely love this sunscreen! My little girl is 8 years old and has "the fairest skin of them all" and Suntegrity gives her such amazing coverage AND the scent literally lifts my mood EVERY time I use it! Love it!

Vanessa O’Neill Orange County, California

The sunscreen is amazing. I am shocked at how well it absorbs into the skin. Thank you so much. I think I have found my favorite sunscreen!

Connie B. Los Angeles, California

I wanted to say how much I enjoy your products. The first time I put the sunscreen on my face I loved it and actually texted Tawny (the esthetician that recommended it to me) and told her! It went on so smoothly and I can put my make-up on right over it with no problem.

The next time I went in for a facial, I purchased the Suntegrity sunscreen lotion for the body. I play golf 2-3 times a week and though I'm careful to cover-up, I use it religiously on my neck and hands. It also goes on smoothly and the scent is very subtle, but nice. I HATE strong smelling

lotions, so I'm very picky on what I use.

Becky Moir Los Angeles, California

I LOVE it! It doesn't smell like sunscreen and it isn't greasy at all. I recently started using the wonderbar and they really recommend you use a physical sunblock. So after doing a little research, I found your product. I never knew there was a difference between chemical and physical sunscreens. I am so glad I found your website and I am so happy the products are [mostly] natural and non-greasy. The smell is a huge plus, as well!

Kelly Becker Huber Heights, Ohio

I MUST tell you how fabulous Suntegrity is!!! I am absolutely crazy about it! It is soooo light, yet moisture infusing and ....just wonderful to apply to one's face...I cannot say enough about it. Thank you so much for introducing it to me. It will be a lifetime product for sure!!!

Karen S. Aspen, Colorado

After a bad skin sensitivity episode, my dermatologist recommended I stay away from chemical based sunscreens and use mineral based ones instead. She sold me one that was like applying liquid chalk.... it was waxy, greasy, and would leave me white as if I had applied clown make up. Then, a friend told me about Suntegrity and it’s my new first choice in sunscreen. I love that it rubs in easily and doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy. I use Suntegrity every morning, and even with my sensitive skin I haven't had any problems with break-outs or irritation.

Jennifer McKinney Brentwood, California

I used the Suntegrity Moisturizing Face Protection the whole time I was on vacation in Grenada (just 12 degrees north of the equator) for 2.5 weeks. I have rosacea and very fair skin, so I really need to protect my skin from the sun. I used your face product each day along with a hat. I was out in the sun all day, but didn't have any noticeable sunburn or tan on my face which is exactly what I wanted. I love that the product is free of all the nasties and includes 20% (non-nano) zinc oxide. The zinc (and probably the dimethicone) actually calmed my skin. Toward the end of our stay, all the redness from rosacea was gone (even though it is a very warm and humid climate).

I really like the way the your face sunscreen feels on my skin - nourishing and protective. So, thanks for creating a product so clean that I happily apply it to the extremely sensitive/reactive skin on my face! If I sound more than a bit grateful, it's b/c I tried other physical sunscreens for the face on a 10 day trip to Sarasota, Florida this past October and my rosacea flared in ways I never knew possible (b/c of the products and the sun, heat and humidity). I really wanted to avoid that and you made it possible with your incredible products and customer service.

Thanks for asking about my experience with your products...Your outreach to a new customer is as impressive as your very clean and much needed products.

Mary R. Ellicott City, Maryland