May 11th 2023

How much sunscreen should I apply to my face?

The topic of how much sunscreen to apply varies depending on which authority you ask and it can be very confusing. 

We found a great video online made by a cosmetic chemist that provides a very detailed explanation of how much sunscreen you need to apply to get the SPF claim on a sunscreen based on how much sunscreen is used in the FDA required testing (2 mg of product per square centimeter). See video here:

In the video, the cosmetic chemist explains the following quantities of sunscreen are needed to achieve the claimed SPF: 

Face only - approx. 61% of 1/4 tsp

Face + under chin - approx. 73% of 1/4 tsp

Neck - 23% of 1/4 tsp

Decollete - 45% of 1/4 tsp.

NOTE: She also explains that you can apply about 1/5 less than these amounts when you using a mineral sunscreen that contains a large amount of zinc oxide like Suntegrity because it is more dense.