Apr 13th 2021

Our Current Packaging and Commitment to Sustainability

Image: Green Practices that do Good!Earth-Friendly practices are important to us! That's why we're working hard to incorporate bio-based plastics and PCR across our product line and make refillable products where possible. It's also why we keep toxic ingredients out of our products, create vegan formulations whenever possible, use reef-safe minerals to protect your skin, minimize the use of unnecessary secondary product boxes, and ship our products with bio-degradable loose-fill. All of these practices help reduce our carbon footprint!

We currently use a variety of different plastics for different products and we are continually in the process of replacing our packaging with more eco-friendly materials as they become available.

We recently switched our body sunscreens (3 oz & 5 oz Scented and Unscented 3 oz) and our self tanner tubes to tubes made with green bio-based polyethylene (LDPE) from sugarcane which is also recyclable.

Our latest 5 in 1 Tinted Sunscreen and Impeccable Skin tubes are made from recyclable LDPE. We are currently working with our tube manufacturer to convert these to be made with 50% PCR in the near future as they bring in the equipment to do this.

Our Face Sunscreen/Primer outer bottle is made from AS and the inner bottle is made from PP. The outer bottle and pump are meant to be reused with our inner bottle refills which are made with recyclable PP. We are currently working with our bottle manufacturer to convert the refillable inner bottle to be made with 50% PCR.

Our Sport sunscreen lotion tubes (tinted and untinted) are made from recyclable HDPE and once we utilize our current stock of tubes, we will switch these over to green bio-based polyethylene (LDPE) made from sugarcane.

Our 46 g Sport Sun Sticks were made from recyclable PP and our 22 g Sport Sun Sticks are made from recyclable PP & PET. With our June 2022 launch, we are now offering our 33g Sport Sun Stick in 50% PCR packaging.

Our Pressed Mineral Powder Compact is made from AS and ABS (and is meant to be reused with our refills) and the refill pans are made from aluminum which is recyclable.

Our lip gloss tubes are currently made from PCTG. We are trying to find a PCR version of this, but it has been difficult since the plastic needs to be clear in order to see the actual shade of our lip gloss through it.

We do our best to only use primary packaging so that we don’t waste extra boxes. The only secondary packaging boxes we use are for our pressed mineral powder, lip gloss and primer refill because we are unable to fit all of the required information on the primary packaging.


We only purchase and use biodegradable loose fill packing popcorn/peanuts and recyclable boxes for use in shipping out our orders and when we can, we reuse any packing popcorn and boxes that we receive from our suppliers.