Tanzee Self Tan Bed Sheet Protector - Rose Gold

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Self tanning made easy with the world famous original Tanzee self tan bed sheet protector. Tanzee is a double layered sleeping slip with a built in pillowcase and extra fold for your duvet, designed to protect your linen from self tan stains, moisturisers and other beauty products. Made from a microfibre art silk fabric, Tanzee is lightweight, comfortable and beneficial to hair and skin. Each Tanzee comes in its own attached carry bag for storage or easy transport. 

  • Original self-tan bed sheet protector
  • Ensures stain-free comfortable sleeping
  • High-quality Microfiber Art Silk
  • 2 beautiful colours available
  • 100% Vegan friendly

             ~  This box contains a size Large in Gold rose  ~

HOW TO USE: Simply slip your Tanzee between your sheets,insertyour pillow into the built-in pillow-case, fold the protective flap for arms over the top of your quilt and go to bed to enjoy a comfortable stain-free night sleep!

CARE DIRECTIONS: Thoroughly wash before use. Wash separetely. Cool gentle machine or hand wash. For longer life, wash in a 'delicates' bag. Treat with care - fabric of this nature is delicate. Dry flat. Always allow your self tan to dry completely before use. 

For best results we recommend replacing your Tanzee every 6 months. 

Warning: When using darker colours on lighter linen make sure no colour is bleeding prior to use. Sleeping with wet hair or very harsh products may hinder the effectiveness of your Tanzee. 

Designed in Australia. Made in China.           

THIS PRODUCT IS DISTRIBUTED BY Tanzee Holdings Pty The information below is directly from their packaging. Product inquiries can be directed to hello@tanzeebeauty.com.



Q. WHAT ARE TANZEE’S FAKE TAN BED SHEET PROTECTORS MADE OF? Tanzee is made from a 100% vegan-friendly, high-quality Microfiber Art Silk fabric that keeps you both cool and snug. Unlike other fabrics, Tanzee’s Microfiber Art Silk fabric does not draw excess amounts of moisture from your hair and skin. Instead, your skin and hair will stay moisturized for longer and your tans and overnight creams will stay on you – not your bed sheets. Q. WILL MY TANZEE PREVENT ALL STAINS? For most people yes (Hooray)! However we can not guarantee that Tanzee can prevent all tan stains. We have tested Tanzee many times and we are very confident that you will not need to worry, however, due to a number of variables it is impossible to guarantee that Tanzee will prevent every tan stain. Every customer is different so please be aware that in some situations tan residue could be left behind. Q. CARE INSTRUCTIONS To ensure your Tanzee continues to provide stain-free and blissful sleeping, it is important to know how to care for your Tanzee. Wash your Tanzee separately in a cool gentle machine or by hand in cool water. If you want to be extra careful, we’d recommend using a delicates bag. Keep in mind wear and tear is to be expected and your Tanzee product will not last forever, however by following these steps you can prolong the life of your Tanzee. We recommend replacing your Tanzee every 3-6 months for best results. Q. WHAT SIZE BED DOES IT FIT? The Tanzee is made to fit the person, not the bed. We carry the Large size 230 x 145cm. Our large has room for two pillows and would comfortably fit two people (or one person who wants extra room!). It really is a personal preference and how much wiggle room you like!