Dec 5th 2023

How Self Tanners Work

Self Tanners enable you to get a natural looking, sun-kissed look all year round without harmful sun exposure. Dihydroxyacetone (aka: DHA) is the active ingredient in the majority of self tanners. 

The self-tanning effect of DHA is due to the coloring of the upper layer of the epidermis. The DHA reacts with the amines, peptides and amino-acides of the horny layer of the skin to generate brown melanoidins. This process is called the Maillard reaction and it is a skin-friendly/harmless reaction that doesn't require sun exposure. It is very different from the melanogenesis phenomenon generated by UV stimulation from the sun or a tanning bed which can damage collagen and elastin.

Not all DHA is created equal. Suntegrity's Moisturizing Self Tanner (lotion) and Island Tan Gradual Self Tan Drops both use a form of DHA known as Vegetan that is made from an eco-responsible production process based on renewable vegetable raw material (sugarbeet) and is ECOCERT approved. 

A tan developed using Suntegrity's self-tanning products is natural and water resistant (after the tan has developed). The tan gradually fades as the dead cells of the horny layer flake off. The tan is visible within 4-8 hours and lasts over 3-7 days. Repeated applications every 2-3 days maintain the intensity of the tan. The color intensity of your tan is proportional to the number of applications you choose and concentration of DHA you use. 

Do your skin a favor and tan the safe way...from a bottle not the sun, try our Self Tanning products today!